I Like Your Skechers You Like Me My Gucci Lyrics – DripReport

DripReport – Skechers Prod. by OUHBOY Lyrics I tried to stop but I can’t stop I just can’t stop thinking about her I don’t know All I remember was she wear the Skechers The light-up ones Shawty bad with a Skechers on Wanna hold your hand make you my girl Light up light up Skechers … Read more

Ashe – Moral of the Story lyrics


Moral of the Story lyrics So I never really knew youGod I really tried toBlindsided, addictedFelt we could really do thisBut really I was foolishHindsight it’s obvious Talking with my lawyerShe said where’d you find this guyI said young people fall in loveWith the wrong people sometimes Some mistakes get madeThat’s alright, that’s okayYou can … Read more