Steve Aoki & Kiiara – Used To Be LYRICS

Scrolling through the picturesFeeding my addictionsSick of all the fake love Shouldn’t drink the Kool-AidBut I think it’s too lateGuess I gotta stay up Some days I just hate myselfWish that I was someone elseStuck inside this prison cellCan someone help?Someone help Cause I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell I know,Right now you View Lyrics


De chamaquito me decían: “Coge dirección”Y yo siempre detrá’ de la má’ dura del salónEsa era’ tú, nunca hubo otra opciónY el que te mirara, te haría un problemónMe sentía dueño del bloque y tú la sensaciónAunque ahora esté’ con otro en una relaciónMira qué bien me va, salgo en televisiónY ya no visto ‘e View Lyrics

CJ – Outro (Blessings) Lyrics

[Intro]Hm-mmI’m stressin’Now I’m flexin’Now I’m flexin’In my sectionI was stressin’Mm-mm-mmAyy, ayy [Chorus]I just wanna thank God for all my blessings (Yeah, yeah)This bitch just hit my line, she said she feel a connection (Yeah, yeah)Every time I pop out, it’s a movie like it’s Netflix (Yeah, yeah)I was down bad, I was broke, I was View Lyrics

Vilen – Ek Raat Lyrics

Churaya hi kyu jab vo todna hi thaDil bi vo tuta hai jo mere paas nahi Dikhaya hi kyu jab muh modna hi thaSeene mai hawa toh hai par vo saans nahi Mere paas nahi hai koi saath nahi haiJo btade mujhe baat ye khaas nahi Dil udaas sahi hai koi aas nahi haiPagli ankhon View Lyrics

Dustystaytrue – Solar System (Lyrics)

[Intro](Ayy, Benjamin he got Benjamins) [Chorus]I’m outta my solar systemI’m outta my mindThe weight gettin’ harder to carryMy nigga I gotta unwindThem killas you know I’m with ’emMy heart on my sleeveI told you I’ll do it my nigga I just need a minute to breatheAnd I got designer on mePocket rocket keep it under View Lyrics

Kidd G – Paper Hearts (F-150) LYRICS

Paper hearts in the glove box of my F-150And I might just take one out and light it upAnd throw it out the windowBecause I’m tipsy Chrome hearts in the Carhartt, yeah yeahPush it twice and the car stars, yeah yeahUp late shooting dark stars, yeah yeahYou get the point like a dart board, yeah View Lyrics

Alice Merton – Hero LYRICS

Sometimes I wish I wasThe Hero in your storyI’d save you, from yourselfAnd sometimes I wishI could take somethingA little bit strongerto drown you outWere you ever happy?Or did I read you all wrong?Were you still in mending,While I loved you lights onLights on, lights on, lights on All this timeI’ve been wasting my mindI’ve View Lyrics