Dreamsayer Lyrics Bangla

শিরোনামঃ Dreamsayer
কন্ঠঃ সাকিব
ব্যান্ডঃ ক্রীপটিক ফেইট
অ্যালবামঃ শ্রেষ্ঠ

Walking through the mist i feel like something’s watching me
i can’t escape these thoughts is it the future that i see
sirens in the distance i know a soul has just been freed

riding on the bullet i’m approaching breakneck speed
sweat breaks out and i’m shivering in fear
its happening once again and i’m so alone in here

in my dreams i feel the happiness in my nightmares all the pain
of people that i’ve never met, and i know them like they’re my

all of this is so real to me and when i wake i’m living the dream
in my dreams i feel the happiness, in my nightmares all of the

all the pain

if these visions are so real, then am i going insane
i’m no prophet i’m no liar i am an honest man
I’ve been chosen i don’t know why i need to justify
the powers that have robbed me of my sleep

many years since i have known who’d take over the throne
wars that have killed so many lives never worth the flesh and

science enriched technology, curing people bridging needs
but now in time i realize why the wounds would never heal

by the token of heaven’s love religious faith when offered hope
light denied for darker days when deliverance is gone
wiser men died gruesome deaths who was there to feed the rest
i’ve seen all this and much much more
all these visions that i live for

Many nights in sleepless daze, i have thought of things to say
a premonition in truth divined, touching souls in special ways
its been this way for so long now, and still i don’t know how
slef belief eluding me, i asked for strength not infamy
when the sky above goes dark, and velvet rivers overflow
i hear the sirens once again, not one soul but many more
from this final dream i wake and i’m shivering no more
and now todays i spread the word of the greatest day on earth

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