Glittertind – Into the Fire Lyrics Norwegian

The autumn lays over our long and icy land
Reminding of the winters
that have teard on the old man
Now his time has come to leave this earth
To Valhalla in his last battle
for his folk and new birth
Fighting for the new generation,
for youth and for blood
We know he has been a hero,
for our seeds he have sown
Like a blue horizon,
and the clearest sky you can think
Like a spiritual emotion.
Of a gloomy sun down sink
The contours of the ancient warriors
whispers to a woman you are mine and I am yours
Into the fire carrying the past,
his time has come at last.
Towards victory, and towards hope,
he knows he will finish his task
The way she smile at him, gives him his only guts
To fight, and be free…
The gods of the mighty, Thor and Odin
Hail them all as we drift away like the wind
Take your sword take your helmet
you’ve got the power from afar
By the stamina of your ancestors victorious you are

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